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Domain Faqs Registration

If it is your company trademark then you may be able to reclaim the domain name, but this happens very rarely. Domains are registered on a first come, first served basis, and unless you can prove that the other person has registered the domain name in order to charge you 's for it, or has no legal right to it, then there really isn't anything you can do.
We register your domains in your name and address. You are the legal owner of all domains registered by Tech Freedom Online. We act as your hosting company and host your domains on your behalf. The person or organisation named in the application is called the Registrant; this name appears at the top of the results page of any 'WhoIs' lookup.
No, when you register your domain is automatically parked on our servers and an informational portal page will be displayed when someone tries to access your site. When you are ready to have your site hosted just log into the domain manager and update the name servers to point to the name servers of your web hosting provider.
You may protect your company names or services by registering them as domain names. Or, you may want to register your domain names now and develop your site later. You do not need any technical information to register your name now!
Your domain name registration orders are processed automatically to ensure they are registered in the fastest time possible. Once you have submitted your order, the domain name requested is reserved for registration with the appropiate registrar within minutes. We can NOT make any modifications to your domain name after you have pressed the order button on our secure order form.
The principal acknowledgement of your registration is your listing on the 'WhoIs' database, which you can print out and store. We will also send you an invoice listing all the names purchased.
The worldwide domain name database is updated daily. Successful registrations will be added to the new registrations list on the same day, they were submitted. In the interim your domain name will still appear as available for up to 48 hours. Don't panic, any attempts to register it by another party will fail unless they have submitted a registration request before you.
Your domain name will be secured for you on the same day, we receive your order and normally fully completed within 48 hours. However, there is no guarantee that, the domains will be yours until the registration process is fully completed and your name shows up on the WHOIS search details. If somebody else have applied for the same domain, even seconds earlier, they will get your domain.
If you have used whois search you may have noticed a domain name that has expired that you would like to register. Unfortunately, until the domain name is deleted from the main registry database you will not be able to do so. The amount of time between expiration and deletion varies registrar by registrar, but generally there is a 45-76 grace period before the domain name is deleted.
Typically when you register a domain name you can do a whois search to see the domain name registration data. In most cases it will take 24-48 hours for newly registered domain names to appear in the whois database, as this database is not updated in real time. However, even though your domain does not appear in a whois search it is NOT available to others to register. Prior to your domain being visible in the whois search you can check the registration information by logging into the domain manager.
A domain name can include up to 63 characters. You can use numbers, letters, and dashes in your domain but the domain cannot start or end with a hyphen. Domains also cannot contain spaces. Domain names are not case sensitive, so you can spell -- and advertise -- your domain in UPPERCASE, lower case, or BoTh cAseS for your email and website address. Special characters such as the underscore "_", the exclamation point "!", and the "@" sign are not permitted. Many people use variations of their domain name to maximize traffic to their site.
Yes! You can register your domain name with us and have an option to host it with any other hosting company!
We can register your domain name and you can set up a hosting account later. And, we will point your domain name to our servers so that when you sign up for hosting, your new domain name will be ready to use. (No transfer will be necessary.)
Our prices for domain renewals are the same as the initial registration cost. We have a price guarantee so you can rest assured that we will never increase our renewal fees.
Tech Freedom Online offers registration from 1 year up to maximum 10 years for .com, .net or org extension. (the cctlds are subject to terms and conditions, which are regulated independently).
Sub domain is a way to divide your site into sections with short and easy to remember names. For example, a section of this site for new users could be mail.techfreedomonline.com you can buy sub domain from us by paying Rs.500.00 per sub domain.