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IT Infrastructure and Services Management Provider in Noida

IT Infrastructure & Services Management

IT Infrastructure Services – Consulting, Implementation, Management – to Increase Your Business Sustainability

Networks, Security, Servers, Applications, Data Centers & more.

The IT Infrastructure of today is the backbone that helps an organization run its business. Efficient management of the IT infrastructure is thus of paramount importance. Today’s heterogeneous infrastructures with a plethora of network components, on premise and off premise server and data center resources and security solutions make IT infrastructure management a daunting task. Managing the infrastructure and services operations is always on the agenda for the organization. After all, People, Processes and Technology have to converge.

Why Infra Monitor?

Tech Freedom Online delivers this service through multiple vender (Solarwind, DX IM, Zabbix, Zenoss etc.), best-in-class monitoring tool. The Platform integrates the collected availability, health & performance data and It gives enterprises the ability to get near real time as well as historical data for their infrastructure.

1. 100% scalable architecture.

2. Add remote sites or OS / App / Device as your network grows.

3. 24 X 7 monitoring with single view dashboard for entire IT infrastructure.

4. Monitoring all layers of infrastructure including software, network, storage, operating systems, database middleware security and select applications.

5. Automated ‘first-cause’ analysis that group together related alerts to provide a holistic view of any incident that occurs.

6. Information on health of your systems, thresholds, alerts.