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Secure FTP Services in Noida

Business Secured FTP Server
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Business Secure FTP

Most of the companies in the US, UK and other countries choose India as their favorable destination for outsourcing projects in Software development, Medical transcription, Data processing and CAD - CAM solutions etc.
The basic requirement for executing such projects is to have high speed internet infrastructure. If your a company executing projects from abroad, here is a good news for you.. Tech Freedom Online offers Business Secured FTP servers.

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What is Business Secured FTP Server and why do you need it?

Typically a Business Secured FTP Server will allow you to transfer input as well as final product files at a high speed connectivity. Above all it guarantees your data security. Previously companies in India have to invest a lot in maintaining their own server to transfer data. This ended up in spending more time and money in transfer rather than executing the project.

In a Business Secured FTP server environment, you will have restricted access on different files. For example; input, finished, returns, samples etc. This ensures that data is kept in a highly confidential way where the level of access is restricted. Moreover, the server is connected to 500 Mbps connectivity which will make your data transfer easier and faster.

This eliminates the need for a dedicated server to be maintained in your premises.

DirectAdmin, Customer Control Panel This control panel will allow you to configure parameters such as FTP, Folder permissions, Emails, Auto responders, Auto forwarders, Front page extensions, Creating databases, File managing, Password protected URL, Installing spam assassin etc.