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Corporate Email Solutions

Corporate Mailing Solutions

Corporate Email Solutions offers the best deal for corporate houses looking for faster and reliable email servers. Key features such as multi-admin facility for various branches, spam assassin, mail forwarding, centralized system admin facility makes this offer an automatic choice for your email problems. You can also use  email tracking software [XMail Trac™] that shadow copies all the mails sent and received via standard mail client such as outlook is installed in your domain.

Why Tech Freedom Online?

No other hosting provider allows to have a shadow copy of both the sent and received mails. With this your system admin can keep track of messages sent and received even if your branches are hundreds of Kilometers away.

Our unique and robust backbone infrastructure such as Verio bandwidth, Mail servers that handle millions of emails every year, dual xeon servers, state of the firewall and branding options such as FREE Personal DNS, Fully automated control panel in your own website allows you to enjoy safe and secured hosting for you and your branches under your OWN BRAND.

1. Space for each mail id can be allotted specifically by the system admin.
2. Web Mail interface with Scheduling and Task Manager.
3. SPAM Assassin.
4. Custom Filters.
5. Online control panel to create, edit, delete emails.
6. Tech Freedom Online serves thousands of clients around the world. This has enabled us to serve our clients at a quicker time and higher quality.
7. 90% of our support system is automated. This makes sure that you can get what you need 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.
8. All our servers are minimum Pentium PIV Intel based and are located in state-of-the-art infrastructures with higher bandwidth.
9. Tech Freedom Online maintains 99.99% uptime.
10. Tech Freedom Online offers personalized DNS [ Name servers in your company name ].
11. No company offers real time control panel as sophisticated as Tech Freedom Online.
12. 24 hrs. dedicated support through Automated Service Engine
13. Tech Freedom Online has a dedicated support facility with automated tracking systems. This ensures that you get support on time.
14. Tech Freedom Online ASP network is wide spread in India and abroad.
15. The entire Tech Freedom Online crew is well trained and professional. All our employees are either Graduates in Engineering or hold a Masters in Computer Applications.

Spam Assassin:

Spam Assassin is one of the most reliable tool used for identifying and segregating spam mails. Spam Assassin uses a wide variety of local and network tests to identify spam signatures. This makes it harder for spammers to identify one aspect which they can craft their messages to work around. You will have ultimate control over features such as White listing domains, emails & Black listing of domains, emails.

Anti-Virus Email Scanning:

With more on more viruses emerging day by day, it is essential to have a good protection for your mails. Additional to the anti-virus present in each of our servers, we also have anti-virus scanning protection at the edge of our network which is more efficient than conventional setup. Our servers run with ClamAV Anti-Virus System. Scanning is done both On - Access as well as On - Demand, with customized scan settings at each domain level.

XMAIL Track ™:

XMail Trac™ is a comprehensive email tracking solution which allows you to keep track of mails that are sent or received in your domain name. No matter how far your branches or employees are... you can keep track all the mails that sent or received through any standard mail client such as outlook etc.
Read more about  XMAIL Track ™ click here >>

Tech Support:

Tech Freedom Online offers world class support for its customers worldwide through;

  • 24 hrs support thru e-mails.
  • 24 hrs support on phone.
  • 24 hrs Customer Support Tickets System