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SEO Consultant Company Noida Delhi NCR India

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is using techniques to help your site rank high in the list of search results when a user does a search on the Internet. This is important for your site to be found and visited on the web. There are literally millions of businesses on the web. There may be many in your industry in your locale. When someone searches the web for words associated with your business, SEO helps your business show up in the beginning of the search results.

Teach Freedom Online has been a leading SEO consultant company based in Noida, India. Our Indian seo expert has huge expertise in this domain and providing online seo solutions to our clients for many years.

How does Search Engine Optimization SEO work?

There are thousands of search engines and directories. Many of them are more often used than others. Some of the more popular ones are Google, Alta Vista, MSN, etc. They all have a set of rules for determining their rankings or who shows up near the top of the search list. All of them use some form of keyword indexing. A keyword is a word or phrase that people doing a search enter into the search box in hopes of finding web sites that can provide the information they want to see. The search engines use these keywords and other criteria to decide which sites rank high in their results list. They may use how many times a site has been visited in the past, how many links the site has to other sites, where the keywords are located in the site and other criteria. Each search engine has a specific pattern that is a guarded secret to what criteria they use. They also change the criteria periodically. Search Engine Optimization is a combination of art and science to make your web site fit the ranking rules which place your site high in the listings. We can warranty your site to be near the top (in the first 20) in some of the most popular search engines.

What are Spiders, Phantom Pages, Doorway Pages, Gateway Pages, and the other terms I hear?

The search engines use a Spider software program to analyze sites.  It sends out “Spiders” to visit sites and see how they fit the selected pattern they use. The other terms are some techniques used to get the site ranked high.  Some techniques are frowned upon and can get a site banned from a search engine if it is thought to be a trick simply used to increase ranking.

We does not use tricks but honest hard work and accepted practices.

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