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To grow to be a world class Web hosting company with our Commitment and Reliability

Tech Freedom Online founded in 2003 and is a Noida, India based complete Web Hosting Company. TFO provides managed hosting services to companies of all sizes and responsible for the supply of all the equipment, bandwidth and management that is needed to run any hosted application.

We at TFO understand that no two businesses are alike. With this in mind, we planned our web hosting packages that meet the diverse requirements of all enterprises. Our vast range of services are highly flexible and range from packages that are as simple as managed shared hosting in which the client does not require even basic HTML knowledge, to high end cluster server solutions.

TFO maintains state of the art data center in the US and India to support its hi-tech operations. These data centers are manned 24 x 7, by highly trained professionals who ensure the complete safety of your data.

We have always chosen to take up challenging innovations and then deliver unmatched services. We are a trusted name with thousands of clients in over world. We do not spend our resources in advertising. Our entire customer base is only and solely from free search engine listings or customer mouth publicity. We are grateful to all our customers, out of whom an overwhelming 90% recommend our services to their friends.

Despite the heavy turbulence in the web hosting industry a few years back, Tech Freedom Online has emerged a winner with flying colors. Our stability and fanatical growth during the past few years have attracted not just small companies, but also huge govt. organizations and enterprises.


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