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Use a WHOIS tool. Type in your domain name and look for the line which reads something like this (the exact format depends on which ICANN registrar the name is registered with):
Record expires on 19-Oct-2005.
It should be, but occassionally administration errors creep in. So always check the expiry date in the WHOIS information a couple of days after the transfer has been completed to make sure a year has actually been added. Look out for a line such as:
DOMAIN EXPIRES : 2003-03-19 06:40:44
The exact format of this line varies according to the ICANN registrar in question..
There are two ways to determine when your domain name is up for renewal. The first is to perform a Whois Search and look at the expiration date for your domain. The second is to wait for to send notification to the administrative contact of the need for the domain name to be renewed.
Yes. You can renew your domain name at any time during its term.
E-mail is the most popular method of contact for notifying registrants that their domain name need to be renewed. As such, it is VERY IMPORTANT that the contact information listed in the whois database for your domain name is correct.
Once a domain name expires, there is a 20-day "grace period" within which a renewal is still possible. After the grace period has run out however, you will not be able to renew your domain name for next 56 days at normal price. The domain will be deleted and made available for the general public to register after 76 days. You may be able to register your domain name again, provided another party does not register it before you.
If you do not renew it, your domain name will be deleted from the main registry and will stop working. It will then be deleted and will become available for any other interested party to register.
That question is determined by the number of years you have left on your registration. Please refer to the question below to determine the number of years left on your registration. The maximum number of years a domain name may be registered for is 10 years.
Assuming that the domain DNS and hosts are still in place, the domain will begin working within 48 hours of its renewal. We put the domain back into the root immediately, the delay is caused by propagation out from the root.
Our prices for domain renewals are the same as the initial registration cost. We have a price guarantee so you can rest assured that we will never increase our renewal fees.
No. If You renew your domain name before the term is up, The expiration date is forwarded by the no of years for which the domain is renewed. i.e. If your domain is expiring on 26th January, 2004, then renewing it for 2 years will make the expiration date 26th January, 2006.